Qualifying Exercises

The 20 Meter Run Test


The 20 meter run test is a valid, reliable indicator of aerobic fitness.

The test can be done by anyone and starts by marking out a 20 meter distance.  The client then runs back and forth for 5 minutes, making sure to step OVER the line each time to ensure the correct distance is being covered. The laps are then recorded and compared to a chart based on gender.

The key is to start out at a pace that can be sustained. Maintaining 11 laps per minute will get you a higher end score

courtesy of Miller Health


Broad Jump

The Broad Jump is a tool used to measure explosive leg power.

This test is done by standing at a line with feet slightly apart.  The client then jumps with both feet, and lands with both feet, trying to jump as far as possible without falling backwards.


Illinois Agility Test

Tests: Agility

Procedure: After a warm-up, the client starts face down on the ground at the starting cone.  When signaled, the client runs through the course according to the diagram as fast as possible without knocking a cone over.  The time is stopped when the client crosses the final cone.


The Plank Test

The plank test is used to assess core and back strength.

The test is done by holding the plank position for as long as possible.  Once the client fails to hold the position, the test is over.

A proper plank is done with elbows directly under the shoulders and feet hip-width apart.  Keeping tension in the gluteal and abdominal muscles, the back stays flat from the neck to the hips.



The push up test is an excellent way to measure upper body fitness.

The client does as many push-ups as he/she can until failure (with a proper warm up).

A proper push up is done by aligning the body so that the hands are directly under the shoulders and while on the toes, the feet are hip width apart.  Lower the body until the elbows reach 90 degrees, and push back up; that is one repetition.


Single Leg Wall Sit

The wall sit is a great indicator of lower body endurance.

The wall sit is preformed by standing against a wall with feet about shoulder width apart.  Slide down the wall until knees are at a 90 degree angle and thighs are parallel with the floor.  Lift one foot off of the ground and hold that position as long as possible.  Repeat with the other leg (after adequate rest)


Sit-Up Test

The sit up test is an indicator of core stability, abdominal strength and endurance.

The test is done by laying face up with your knees bent at a 90 degree angle.

A sit-up is done from this position by squeezing the stomach and sliding the hands up along the thighs past the top of the knees while keeping the back straight.

Do as many sit-ups with proper form as possible in 1- minute


5 – Dot Test (two feet)

Foot quickness


Jump Rope


1 footed hops in a 3×3 small box